Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Our Ideological Divides

Ideological Divides
Something struck me about the following lines that were on a flyer that landed in my letterbox some time ago:
“As a long standing member of the ALP, I appreciate the role councils play in providing quality services to the community” 
One could also envision the words, “The Greens” in place of ALP, but could you envision LNP in place of ALP? I dare say no. The innocuous lines imply that only the ALP establishment, in addition to others to the left of it, and their members and representatives can recognise, appreciate and deliver quality services to the community- the term being an integral word in the language and semantics of the left.

This conception is akin to an unwritten but contestable attribute of the progressive classes. Nonetheless, it belies the truth about the importance placed on community by their ideological opposites, that is, those on the right and including conservatives.

Truth is, those on the right also place importance on "community" they, like progressives and those of the left, have entirely similar moral foundations and act on their passions with the same vigour and conviction of righteousness however, they have different moral philosophies - defending, and recommending their concept/s of right and wrong conduct.

As a result of factors associated with the disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology and related cultural factors, individuals that engage in the political, either as active or passive participants, formulate passions from which they hypothesis, derive and construct partisan suppositions.

Accordingly, ideological divides result in wide gaps of opinion about political parties, their policies and, party leaders alike.

However, what of the legitimacy of each, who is right, who is wrong? 

As an appendage to the question I, being a conservative have come to accept as true, that the insights of all sides, the left and right, play a role for a nation to flourish. Not that this answers the legitimacy question I posed.

Once again, who is right, what is your view?

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