Friday, 19 January 2018

Donald Trump’s Ascendancy in 2016

Let's be clear, in an unattractive way, Donald Trump is brilliant. He may not have been an accomplished politician on his political journey to Presidency however, broadly speaking he was consummately accomplished as an individual who entered the political fray, though not as a career politician. Yet despite this and, a privileged personal history, he quite remarkably identified and zeroed in upon the discontent in middle America and perhaps by accident, how to get around the 240-electoral vote “Blue wall” that ran from Wisconsin to North Carolina. Metaphorically speaking, a barrier that has successfully encased a Democrat vote for the past six elections. Let's not forget, we had well over a dozen talented and more experienced candidates within the Republican camp and yet slowly, Trump lay them all to waste. This was no indolent process it was more dynamic. Over a year-long primary race they, and his Democrat rival in Hillary Clinton, could not match Trump’s better instincts about what troubled so many an American voter, the forgotten middle. It matters little that Trump’s modus operandi was ugly and most certainly cynical, it soon harboured its own momentum and, as the November 2016 election drew closer, it seeped into Trump and his camp, as if by osmosis, that they were gaining the upper hand, something that incidentally, mainstream media from their lofty LA, New York and Washington pads, completely missed. Thus, a very rich Manhattan resident, felt the public angst more comprehensively than vanilla media, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, not to mention a talented pool of Republican wannabe’s, and in true populist fashion, he courted them, made them feel good, he won them over, he became President.

Quite nearly all politicians have a streak of anti-elitist tendencies, Donald Trump was by far the superior one, the superior populist in 2016. I viewed his campaign as both crude and different yet wholly effective because he chose to focus, on four significant issues of our epoch. Illegal immigration, employment and trade, an isolationist form of foreign policy and political correctness.

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